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Dorogusker Named Hereva COO


Robin Dorogusker

Boston – Hereva Consultants, Inc. announced that Robin Dorogusker has been promoted to chief operating officer effective immediately.

Dorogusker has been with Hereva since its inception in 2014 and has fostered a culture of excellence and continual improvement within the company. She has been a key player in business development, client management, team leadership, talent acquisition and development, marketing, and branding for Hereva while providing project management and client services.

She has been instrumental in bringing in new business, while stressing the need to give back to the community which Hereva serves. Dorogusker has guided the organization toward a future designed to not only give the best to its clients but also help its project professionals, mentoring them to help accelerate their careers and make their goals a reality.

In providing subject matter expertise on large projects, Dorogusker is a true visionary and an advocate for resiliency in planning. She often sees beyond where others see boundaries, and her innate creativity is evident in her approach to problem solving.

This made her a natural fit for COO, where her leadership will mark an era of increased collaboration sure to galvanize stakeholders in support of Hereva’s work which is showcasing the impact and value of project management in support of the life sciences community.

“Hereva has seen remarkable growth and is now recognized as one of the lead players in project management focused on helping life science companies achieve their goals,” said Dorogusker. “This growth has everything to do with our people. We have a mix of young energetic professionals working alongside seasoned professionals. This fosters a broad diversity of ideas which leads to greater innovation and more creative customer solutions. It’s an honor to be part of that.”

Dorogusker looks forward to working with the team on new initiatives designed to sharpen the firm’s strategic direction, by enhancing capabilities to embrace new technologies and shifting workplace trends to deliver unparalleled value to Hereva’s clients.