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Dorchester Masonry Repair Project Completed

Blue Hill Avenue Apartments

Boston – Abbot recently completed a comprehensive masonry repair project involving 24 interconnected brick and stone apartment buildings in the Grove Hall neighborhood of Boston’s Dorchester section.  Abbot procured the project as the low bidder in a private bidding process among several competitive masonry restoration firms. 

Prior to involving Abbot, the owner contracted with an architectural/engineering firm (Thompson & Lichtner, Canton, Mass.) to survey the properties, identify deficiencies, and develop a set of remediation plans. 

Washington Street Apartments

Due to the large scope of the project, Abbot called on its in depth masonry repair expertise to address the multitude of issues in the repair plan.  Those included repointing defective mortar joints, cutting out and caulking vertical expansion joints and perimeter of the windows, replacing deteriorated brick to match the original brick, and power washing and applying water repellent to all brick surfaces.


Castlegate Apartments

In conjunction with the above repairs, Abbot fabricated and replaced all deteriorated pre-cast headers and sills, and coated all of the headers and sills with an elastomeric coating.