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Donut Dip Gets Energy Efficiency Upgrade

Springfield, MA West Springfield’s Donut Dip, a popular family-owned donut shop located at 1305 Riverdale Street, recently teamed up with Eversource to upgrade its lighting systems to energy efficient LEDs.  The shop’s owners can expect to save more than $1,400 in annual energy costs, while also providing better quality lighting for customers and employees.

“….. Reducing our energy usage boosts our bottom line,” said Donut Dip owner Paul Shields. “The store also has a much more appealing ambiance that accents our donuts and pastries.”

Having the shop open every day, nearly around the clock, can be an expensive proposition particularly when it comes to lighting costs. So, Donut Dip worked with Eversource and its authorized contractor to upgrade the shop’s interior and exterior lighting to LEDs.

“We are only closed three hours a day, from midnight to 3 a.m.,” Shields said. “The lights are on the rest of the time, which can be expensive.”