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Dimeo Construction Company Celebrates 85 Years

Dimeo 85 ShieldProvidence, RI – Founded in 1930 by Joseph Dimeo, as a small regional construction company, Dimeo Construction Company (Dimeo) is today  recognized as an industry leader performing at a consistently high level while exceeding client expectations in a transparent and predictable fashion.

When asked what the strategy of success is, Brad Dimeo, President & CEO of Dimeo Construction Company remarks, “consistently producing project outcomes that exceed the client’s expectations. A big portion of what we do is develop and nurture team relationships and collaborations that result in exceeding our clients’ project needs.”

An important aspect of Dimeo’s eighty-five years of business is the realization that Dimeo refuses to be pigeon holed in any sector. “Instead”, Brad says, “we purposefully operate in a relatively small geographical region, and so we put a significant emphasis on building and maintaining high quality long-term relationships…not specific to one market sector”.

Dimeo’s core values of people, teamwork, collaboration, honesty & transparency, embody the firm’s culture of maintaining a master builder’s mindset and treating everyone as the client.

The final result is a three-generation, family owned, construction leader that truly integrates all of its resources to make a promise that speaks for itself, BUILDING EXCELLENCE :: DELIVERING VALUE.

Treat your employees and customers like you treat your family. That’s the foundation of success. Dimeo Construction Company has proven that fact.


Below are some of Dimeo’s landmark projects representing various sectors:


Ocean House Hotel & Luxury Residences © Jeff Goldberg/Esto


Avenir, © Gregg Shupe


Natick Mall, © Gregg Shupe

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