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DGT Associates Partners with Geolantis

Boston – DGT Associates recently announced that it is partnering with Austria’s Geolantis to provide the next level in advanced digital reporting and functionality for subsurface utility mapping (SUM) services.

DGT becomes the first firm to offer the Geolantis software platform in the United States and is planning for adoption and rollout of the new solutions in the upcoming weeks.

The Geolantis cloud-based solution provides key connectivity for collaboration between teams out in the field and in the office. The software is powerful and intuitive, offering asset data that is accessible in real-time and combines proven acceleration of mapping speed and increased quality. The platform also provides reporting that’s easily searchable and highly shareable across devices and various export formats.

“Geolantis provides an industry-leading platform for the most complex and challenging subsurface mapping projects, and we are excited to introduce it to our clients, partners, and prospects,” said Michael A. Clifford, PLS, DGT’s co-founder and principal. “Their proven technology goes beyond the wow factor to enhance the value of utility surveying for everyone involved.”

“DGT is a committed leader in advancing SUM technologies and capabilities, and we are thrilled that they have chosen Geolantis as a partner for the future,” said Michael Pegam, CEO of Geolantis. “The DGT team knows from their decades of experience that the key to success is constantly improving and delivering accurate and timely guidance in adaptable formats for clients.”

With the Geolantis platform, DGT is preparing for the next generation of land planning while enhancing clients’ institutional memory and long-term capabilities. “This platform builds on what we know works best in the field and for our clients’ project needs,” said Mike Twohig, DGT’s SUE/SUM services manager. “As our industry accelerates the transition from print-only plans to a more digital workflow and as we incorporate more 3D modeling, this strategic
partnership gives us a more secure, versatile, and forward-thinking tool.”

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