DGT Associates Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Boston – DGT Associates, a New England surveying, engineering, and subsurface utility mapping firm, celebrates its 25th anniversary, having completed more than 6,130 projects in the region and across the nation.

Bob Staples

Founded in 1996, DGT’s work and expertise have led to the development of landmark properties around New England, including Fenway Park, Faneuil Hall Marketplace, the Prudential Center, Harvard Business School, Longwood Medical Area, and the project where Bob Staples and Michael Clifford, DGT’s founders and principals, first met: the Big Dig.

“We’re proud to celebrate our 25 years and proud to call New England our home,” said Staples. “Beyond DGT’s history, we’re honored to carry forward the rich history and knowledge of this region held within our 144 years of archival data. Our files, and the work they represent, serve as the bedrock for our communities, and we feel a great deal of responsibility to maintain and leverage this information for the betterment of our communities, today and tomorrow.”

Michael Clifford

DGT Associates was one of the nation’s earliest adopters of subsurface utility mapping in 1997 as a safer, more accurate alternative to traditional practices, and continues to expand its work in this domain. Clifford said, “As we embark on the next 25 years in business, we will continue to embrace the latest technologies, both above and below ground, for safer work practices and more reliable information our clients can build on, literally.”

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