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From the Desk of Mike Moss, President at SCUP

SCUP’s North Atlantic regional conference is launching catalytic conversations on critical topics in higher education on March 4-6 at the Hyatt Regency Cambridge. Integrated planning, an approach that considers holistically all the parties and entities which enable the delivery of the academic mission, is in full practice in the higher education community of Boston.

The 2018 conference theme is “Gown, Gown, Gown, Gown and Town.” Boston and neighboring Cambridge, home to over 35 colleges and universities, represent a rare opportunity to study the unique cultural, professional, and social landscape that is inextricably woven into the fabric of these institutions. Possibilities and problems of every type abound in this hub of academia. Whether it is demographic change, enrollment and retention, declining state support, diversity, blending campus into community, or changing political landscapes, Boston often confronts and resolves these issues first.

Your North Atlantic regional council volunteer leadership has assembled a fantastic roster of presenters, and we look forward to seeing you there. Please join us in Boston and help SCUP continue to move integrated planning from a movement to the norm in higher ed strategic implementation. For event and registration information, please visit the SCUP website.

The ability to address the nonstop emergence of new trends on a campus through a responsive planning process is critical for all institutions, regardless of size or current financial standing. In the absence of good planning, even the largest of endowments can suffer quickly if the campus culture is reactive to change. Through the construction of strong cross-functional relationships, anchored with the desire to support the greater good of a campus, all institutions will be ready for whatever issues come their way.

SCUP serves our higher education community that is challenged by substantial societal demands, rapid change, and shrinking resources. And together, through an integrated approach anchored in strong relationships, we believe that we can ensure a strong, sustainable higher education community for decades to come.

To learn more about SCUP and how we can help you to improve your integrated planning approach for your higher education environment, please visit today or contact me directly at [email protected] or by phone and text at 713-824-7358. Thank you for all you do for higher education, and I look forward to our next opportunity to work together.

Mike Moss is president at the Society for College and University Planning (SCUP).

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