Corporate J.E.D.I.

Dellbrook|JKS Launches Diverse Employee Group

Quincy, MA – This year on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Dellbrook|JKS announced the launch of its Diverse Employee Group (DEG), an employee resource group (ERG) dedicated to creating a supportive multicultural community within the firm.

The DEG is Dellbrook|JKS’ second ERG, initiated by Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Sheryce Hearns. In 2020, Hearns established the Dellbrook|JKS Women’s Collaborative and will utilize similar strategies to grow a robust DEG. The group will engage in mentorships, networking, volunteering, and seminars, in addition to recreational outings that create opportunities for connection among one another.

“Dellbrook|JKS is excited to officially roll out our Diverse Employee Group, as this is an important step in not just improving the experience of our current team members, but also conveying to new talent that our firm welcomes and supports traditionally underrepresented workers,” said Hearns. “Moreover, we hope to see retention and attraction increase industry-wide with the implementation of ERGs, because construction needs diverse perspectives.”

DEG Steering Committee, top row (l-r): Adrianne Banks, Nathaniel French, Tatiana Davies, Enrique McFarlane, and Alexandra Sheeran. Bottom row (l-r): Mikhail Patrick, Tatianna Auguste, Jordan Lewis, Lorrayne Romeiro, and Bruno Barbosa

Helping Hearns kickstart the DEG, and lay the groundwork for its activities and functions, is a committee of ten individuals including Adrianne Banks, Nathaniel French, Tatiana Davies, Enrique McFarlane, Alexandra Sheeran, Mikhail Patrick, Tatianna Auguste, Jordan Lewis, Lorrayne Romeiro and Bruno Barbosa.

“Throughout my career I have never worked for a company that formally addressed the statistical, diverse differences between its employees, until now. It’s incredibly fulfilling to me, knowing and feeling that my efforts are seen by not only my peers, but by senior management and executive leadership,” said Tatiana Davies, assistant project manager at Dellbrook|JKS. “I’m very happy to be a part of the DEG Committee as representation to other potential employees that our presence at Dellbrook|JKS is not only acknowledged but celebrated.”