Dellbrook|JKS Begins ‘Safe & Respectful Jobsite’ Program

Robert Carson and Sheryce Hearns hold the first SRJ sign.

Brighton, MA – On Oct. 25, Dellbrook|JKS’ Robert Carson, director of safety and risk management, and Sheryce Hearns, director of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), launched a Safe & Respectful Jobsite (SRJ) reporting program that will allow the firm to better report harassment and discrimination in the workplace.

“Dellbrook|JKS is committed to maintaining a Culture of Care,” said Hearns, “which means that as a company we are dedicated to ensuring that all our employees and partners are working in a place that is safe and inclusive to all. We know that not everyone is comfortable disclosing instances of harassment, discrimination, or bullying with others, and that initiating these conversations can be difficult, which is exactly what we hope to ease with our Safe & Respectful Jobsite measures.”

The J.J. Carroll Project Team celebrates the introduction of the SRJ signs.

In conjunction with the program’s introduction, Hearns and Carson visited the redevelopment of J.J. Carroll, a 142-unit senior living complex for 2Life Communities, to place Dellbrook|JKS’ first SRJ sign. The sign features a QR code which directs users to a form where they can describe an incident or share a photo and send a notice to the Dellbrook|JKS Safety & Risk and DEI departments.

Dellbrook|JKS’ project team on J.J. Carroll gathered in support of the new program and were briefed on the sign’s use. The firm also intends to create hundreds of small SRJ stickers that allow for increased discretion during the situation reporting process, in addition to placing full-size signs on each site.

“It’s important that our employees and subcontractors know we will not tolerate acts that misalign with our Culture of Care beliefs. Through Culture of Care, we will establish lines of communication that may not have existed before, making all our worksites a better place for all,” said Carson.