Green Technology & Innovation

Decarbonization Technology Launched

Boston – Vicinity Energy, a national decarbonization company, launched eSteam a new innovation designed to decarbonize the highest source of emissions in major cities – commercial buildings.

Vicinity’s first electric asset will enter service in late 2024. At that time, the company will procure electricity from renewable, carbon-free energy sources such as wind, solar, and hydro to generate eSteam.

eSteam’s benefits include:

  • The ability to leverage district energy with guaranteed carbon-free emissions
  • Total flexibility in the amount selected and the renewable electricity source used to produce eSteam
  • An affordable, cost-effective energy option to achieve sustainability targets
  • Carbon-neutral energy without substantial capital investments or ongoing, in-building maintenance of equipment
  • Additional potential points for LEED and ENERGY STAR certifications
  • Continued reliability and resiliency from the district energy system