Daedalus OPM on Three Projects

| August 4, 2017

Boston – In the past few months, Daedalus Projects, Inc. has been awarded contracts to provide owner’s project management services on three public safety facility projects.

Medford, Maynard, Bourne public safety projects

Most recently, the city of Medford selected Daedalus as OPM on the new construction of the Medford Police Station. Richard Marks will lead the project team, supported by Alicia Monks, Tieshia Walton, and Larry McDonough. Daedalus has previously coordinated with the city of Medford while completing work on the Tufts University campus. McDonough, who will be serving as the onsite representative on this project, has worked closely with the city of Medford for the last several years on the construction of a central energy plant at Tufts.

Project manager Alicia Monks will also be leading the DPI team for the new construction of the Maynard Fire Station. The existing fire station is old, in serious disrepair, and too small to adequately meet the needs of the Maynard Fire Department. Monks is currently helping the town with site selection for the new facility, after which design work will begin.

On Cape Cod, the Daedalus team (led by project manager Joe Sullivan) was selected as OPM for the Bourne Police Headquarters facility. This new police headquarters will be constructed on an empty lot just off Route 6, and will feature state-of-the-art facilities, a shooting range, and improved areas for community interaction.

During construction, a wastewater treatment facility will be constructed on the same site; once completed, this facility will serve the needs of the new police headquarters and Bourne’s downtown area.



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