Industrial Ribbon Cutting

Dacon Celebrates Unitex Ribbon Cutting

Unitex ribbon cutting

Lawrence, MA – Dacon announced it recently celebrated a ribbon cutting for a new production facility for Unitex, a family-owned linen and uniform service provider to the health industry.

This second in-state expansion focuses on the ambulatory care and outpatient medical markets, bringing over 200 jobs to Lawrence. To mark this new production facility, Congresswoman Lori Trahan and Senator Barry Finegold were in attendance.

Talking Information Center

In honor of Unitex’s phase two ribbon cutting, Dacon is funding a concert series for the blind via a partnership with the Talking Information Center (TIC). Located in Marshfield, the TIC is a radio reading service operating 24 hours a day for the blind and visually impaired. Listeners have access to live radio theater, music performances and national publications via 200 readers. Currently 30,000 people in the state rely on TIC streamed via radio, Alexa, Google, community television, the TIC app and website to engage with the outside world. “Many of our listeners are low income with multiple medical conditions beyond low vision. We are thrilled to offer artistic programming to our listeners that they may not have access to it otherwise,” stated Anna Dunbar, executive director of TIC. The funding covers classical and pops programs within the Atlantic Symphony Orchestra’s 2023 season.

David Potack, president of Unitex, said, “This gift has particular significance as we are sensitive to the challenges of individuals with medical conditions. TIC offers both access and uplifting experiences for those with visual impairments. Their work is uniquely impactful.”

Dacon’s Designed with Dignity philanthropy seeks to acknowledge, encourage and highlight the work of organizations that create a measurable difference on a local level.