CWA Helps Spark Sustainable Discoveries


The Green Chemistry Lab

Hartford, CT – Yale’s Center for Green Chemistry and Engineering, an interdisciplinary group of chemists and engineers, has recently moved into its newly dedicated research space. The Green Chemistry Lab will serve as ground zero for fulfilling the center’s mission to develop chemical products and processes that have low or no environmental impacts.

Located in the Paul Rudolph-designed Greeley Memorial Laboratory, the new 2,015sf of space involved a comprehensive renovation of 30% of the building’s basement level.

The Green Chemistry Lab was designed by Christopher Williams Architects, LLC (CWA), which worked closely with the core researchers to develop a collaborative research environment that promotes innovation and discovery.

“I was surprised by how responsive the CWA team was to suggestions from the scientific team,” stated Evan Beach, the center’s program director and associate research scientist. “While there were obviously constraints around budget and the limitations of the building infrastructure, I always felt free to provide input on design elements.”

While matching the original casework of the building, CWA chose cherry paneling that contains no added urea formaldehyde, a process certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

Additionally, highly energy-efficient LED lighting is incorporated throughout the building. MEP engineer HF Lenz utilized low flow, variable air volume fume hoods with modern controls coupled with new laboratory exhaust and heat recovery to optimize energy management.

The result: an efficient and stimulating environment that is bound to yield new and important discoveries in this burgeoning field of research.