CTA Takes School from Silver to Gold

Webster, MA – The new Park Avenue Elementary School in Webster was designed to achieve a LEED Silver rating, but thanks in part to the efforts of construction manager CTA Construction Co. Inc., the facility scored LEED Gold in the category of new building design and construction in September.

CTA’s attention to the diversion of construction waste, regional sourcing and recycled content of materials, use of certified wood, and installation of environmentally friendly design features contributed to the score of 65 out of a possible 110.

The new school, which opened to students earlier this year, is projected to save 41% of heating and cooling costs. With a $33 million construction budget, the 109,067sf school is nestled into the forest that surrounds the rural location.

The sustainable elements in Park Avenue Elementary were the work of the architects at Dore & Whittier. To achieve LEED Gold, the building has an energy-efficient exterior envelope to reduce heating costs. The roof uses material with high reflecting and high heat emissive properties on 75% of the area to reduce cooling costs.

The new building includes high-efficiency and waterless fixtures to reduce water use by 35%, use of daylight in 90% of the building spaces, and classrooms and other learning spaces designed for optimum acoustics and to minimize noise pollution.

CTA Construction Co. Inc., in building the school, also took steps to reduce environmental impact, including:

  • Exceeded the diversion requirement of 75% of construction waste by reaching 91% to be recycled instead of disposed in landfills.
  • Used over 16% more than the 10% requirement for regionally sourced construction materials.
  • Surpassed the requirement for materials made from at least 10% recycled content by over 20%.
  • Sourced certified wood 20% above the requirement of 75%.
  • Used low-emitting materials including adhesives and sealants, paints and coatings, flooring systems, and composite woods and Agrifiber products.

In addition, the design of the building focuses on encouraging alternative means of transportation. CTA constructed bicycle storage at the school, that has showers and changing facilities for cyclists. Preferred parking is given to low-emitting and fuel-efficient vehicles.