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CRE Properties Achieve Fitwell VRM Certification

New York – One year after introducing the Viral Response Module (VRM), Fitwel announced that more than 100 million sf of commercial real estate properties have achieved certification.

The VRM’s innovative two-step process allows companies to adopt rigorous policies aligned with the best science available in order certify at the enterprise level, and then rapidly and cost-effectively implement at scale across individual assets.

As part of its ongoing efforts to set and maintain the global standard for building design, programming and operations that safeguard occupant health and wellness, Fitwel recently updated the VRM, integrating the very latest research regarding viral transmission in the built environment. This update does not introduce new strategies, but instead provides clarifications and expanded pathways for achieving strategies, as well as additional policy templates and protocol guides that support a return to full occupancy.

In the second quarter, Brookfield Properties, Nuveen Real Estate and Barings Real Estate represent some of the latest major real estate owners to certify enterprise-level operational policies. The entirety of Brookfield Properties’ core operating office portfolio in Washington D.C. received the accreditation. Bentall Green Oak became the first company to achieve a second VRM certification that covers its entire 25.7 million sf Canadian portfolio, after its U.S. portfolio was certified earlier this year. Unico Properties certified its entire 18 million sf portfolio and is among the first to secure asset-level approvals at scale, with 30 of its buildings in six of its markets successfully implementing the company’s viral response policies.

The module provides turnkey policy solutions that allow companies to adopt Fitwel’s strategies for a multi-faceted approach to optimize health and wellness throughout their properties.