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Construction Tours Announced to Explore Sustainable Supportive Housing Design

Providence, RI – KITE Architects recently announced a series of bi-monthly construction tours of its latest project with Crossroads Rhode Island, the $58 million new construction of Summer Street Permanent Supportive Housing. The ongoing series will provide behind the scenes access to the design and construction of the project and provide insights into the future of sustainable supportive housing design.

“We’ve experienced firsthand the challenges and rewards of designing and building housing that is both sustainable and supportive. Through these tours, we are excited to share our journey, lessons learned, and the knowledge we’ve gained with our peers,” said Christine M. West, principal at KITE Architects.

By opening the curtains to the process, KITE aims to bring together architects, engineers, contractors, and developers for a collaborative learning experience. Representatives of KITE Architects say they believe that by sharing insights and lessons learned, industry insiders can better respond to the needs of Rhode Island’s housing crisis and prioritize design decisions that directly benefit the community at the individual level.

The initial session, Series Overview: Summer Street’s Human-Centered Design will be held on Oct. 26. During the session, KITE will cover its human-centered design approach and how it was applied at Summer Street Permanent Supportive Housing.

Future tour themes will include:

  • Energy Performance: Deep-dive into the state-of-the-art energy solutions implemented at Summer Street Housing, and how they can be adapted to future housing projects.
  • Supportive Housing: Learn about the integration of supportive amenities and creating a human- centered design environment for diverse residents.
  • Urban Design Moves: Explore the strategic urban interventions that have been employed to promote connectivity, accessibility, and vibrant community interaction.
  • Patterning and Visual Language of Materiality: A comprehensive look into the aesthetic and functional considerations of material choices, patterns, and how they communicate a visual narrative.

For more information on the tours and to reserve a spot, visit