Construction Management Firm Renovates TV Studio

Lowell, MA – VBA Construction Management recently completed construction on a North Shore MA-based medical device manufacturer renovation and expansion on its TV/video production studio.

“It was all about sound,” said Tyler Amore, project manager with VBA. “No sound could escape, and no outside sound was allowed in. We installed double drywall, double studs, and acoustic foam panels on the ceiling.” Amore also noted the two soundproof doors required specialized installation.

The 2,500sf project wasn’t without its challenges. There were several supply chain problems and delays with securing material and equipment. Expanding the existing studio also required avoiding any disruption to the adjacent clean room. VBA met that goal resulting in the company maintaining full operations in that location during the 90 day construction process.

O’Connor said that the upgraded lighting and equipment loads mandated additional cooling capacity requiring the removal and replacement of existing HVAC equipment with larger units. Amore explained that VBA welded additional steel between the joists of the existing roof to support the equipment, “Because the welding work was partially over one of the company’s very tall and expensive machines that ran 24/7, the logistical and accessibility challenges as well as the fire safety plan demanded careful planning and execution,” said Amore.