Construction Completed on Two Facilities for Lovell Hockey

Rockland, MA – Integrated Builders recently announced the successful completion of two new facilities for Lovell Hockey on their 55-acre campus off Bill Delahunt Parkway in Rockland. Together, Lovell Arena and Lovell Academy total 150,000sf and provide the facilities needed to offer an athletic-academic lifestyle to Lovell Hockey’s 132 players.

Lovell Academy

Lovell Hockey is one of the largest amateur organizations in North America, with over 110 hockey teams. Lovell Hockey’s five club programs are strategically based around Massachusetts and include the New England Knights in Raynham, the 95 Giants in Attleboro, the East Coast Leafs in Hopedale, the Middlesex Icemen in East Boston, and the South Shore-based Lovell Winter Club and Boston Advantage Hockey Club. Lovell Academy, a newly offered branch of Lovell Hockey, is a boarding school that allows players to skate multiple hours a day, engage in sport-specific off-ice training and conditioning, and focus on appropriately tailored nutrition plans for optimal physical development.

Completed earlier this year, Lovell Arena’s 100,000sf facility was built with a structural steel frame and houses three NHL regulation ice surfaces with in-arena seating for up to 1,500 spectators. The building entry features full height glass pulled out from the rest of the building and accents of cement panels. The state-of-the-art recreation center includes a 7,000sf modern restaurant/bar with views of all three ice sheets, two full-swing Golf Pro Series simulators, four Qubica AMF bowling lanes, an arcade/lounge, and concessions, locker rooms, a goalie training area, physical therapy area, fitness center, and multipurpose space.

The new residential and learning center was completed in August and serves as the main campus for Lovell Academy. The academy building is comprised of 49,050sf, housing eight classrooms, a science lab, an art/music room, and two study centers on the ground level. Sets of 11 double rooms and a chaperone suite for each of the six teams are grouped together in separate hallways on the second and third floors.  A full-service cafeteria, two large student lounges, a student health center, and recreation area with an outdoor patio and garden spaces are also located within the facility.

Project partners included Sears Point Development, the architectural team at Studio TROIKA, and engineering partners from Grady Consulting LLC; H+O Structural Engineering; Quieto Consulting Engineers; and McArdle, Gannon & Associates, as well as a team of subcontractors.

“We’ve so enjoyed working with Lovell Hockey on this new concept, creating these state-of-the-art spaces for developing athletes to truly realize their full potential,” said John Concannon, president of Integrated Builders. “This is an impressive concept and the first of its kind to appear on the South Shore, but one that is bound to continuing growing throughout the region.”