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Connecticut Chapter of ASLA Award Winners

New Haven, CT – The Connecticut Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (CTASLA) recently announced the winners of its annual Connecticut Professional Awards competition.

CTASLA conducts the awards competition each year to recognize excellence in landscape architectural design, planning and analysis, communication, and research. To be eligible, an applicant must be a landscape architect or designer in the state of Connecticut, and the entrant or project location must be based in Connecticut.

Winners of the 2015 Connecticut Professional Awards competition include:
Landscape Architectural Design – Municipal/Public Spaces:
Stantec Consulting Services, Inc. – Award of Excellence for Open Hearth Park;
Eric Rains Landscape Architecture – Merit Award for IRONWORKS.
Landscape Architectural Design – Corporate Institutional:
Towers|Golde, LLC – Honor Award UMass-Amherst: Life Science Laboratories;
Wesley Stout Associates, LLC – Merit Award for Global Leadership Campus.
Landscape Architectural Design – Residential:
Artemis Landscape Architects, Inc. – Honor Award for Natural Swimming Pool;
Anne Penniman Associates, LLC – Honor Award for Blast Site Restoration;
Janice Parker Landscape Architects – Merit Award for Sculpture in the Landscape;
Eckerson Design Associates – Merit Award for Beech Haven.
Landscape Architectural Communications:
Milone & MacBroom, Inc. – Honor Award for Shoreline Management Manual;
Artemis Landscape Architects, Inc. – Merit Award for Bridgeport DSSD Streetscape and Planting Guidelines.
Landscape Planning & Analysis:
Anne Penniman Associates, LLC – Merit Award for Vegetation/Habitat Mapping and Management Plan for Haversham Property.
Landmark Legacy Award:
Towers|Golde, LLC – Landmark Legacy Award for Sunken Garden at Hill-Stead, Farmington.