Columbia Completes Boston MedFlight HQ

Boston MedFlight Exterior

Bedford, MA – Columbia Construction Company recently completed construction of the new headquarters for Boston MedFlight, the nonprofit critical care medical transport provider.

The 54,000sf facility, located on the civilian side of Hanscom Field in Bedford, consolidates all functions under one roof and includes hangar space for four aircraft, garage bays for ground ambulances, a state-of-the-art communications center, a simulation lab for medical training, and offices for operations, educational, and administrative teams.

Boston MedFlight Control Center

The new Boston MedFlight facility accommodates the coordination of time-sensitive emergency medical response throughout eastern New England using both air and ground vehicles. A high-fidelity medical simulation lab allows comprehensive, up-to-date training of Boston MedFlight and local first responders, and spaces are equipped with high-performance technology.

Boston MedFlight Helicopter Hangar




The 30,000sf hangar slab and apron utilize radiant heat to maintain warm temperatures inside the hangar and ensure snow and ice melt on the exterior. Additionally, the project includes numerous sustainable design features including solar panels on the facility’s roof, which supply 297,600 kWh per year, providing roughly $45,000 in utility company savings per year, and reducing CO2 emissions by 238 tons per year. LEED Silver certification is expected.

Construction at the approximately 2.5 acre site was a complex process. Crane permits were overseen by the Federal Aviation Authority, and each day the crane was onsite the coordinates of the crane needed to be called into Hanscom to be cleared prior to resuming crane activities and once again when the day’s work was complete.


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