Colossale Siteworks Preps New School Site

Windsor, CT – Colossale Siteworks, working for the Gilbane Building Company in Windsor, is currently setting the stage for the construction of a new 102,000sf elementary school.

According to Vice President Michael Colossale, “Getting the earthwork done to clear the entire 10 acre site was very challenging as we had cuts and fills in excess of eight feet; we moved nearly 50,000 yards of material to get the site prepped.” Draining the site properly was critically important too due to underground aquifers and the amount of water that need to be controlled during rains. “We kept that all under control with swales, pumps and check dams,” said Colossale.

Current work includes preparation for the 102,000sf slab and readying the site for utility installation that includes water, gas, electrical, sewer, storm drainage and retention basins. Future finish work will include installation of curbs, parking lots, sidewalks, a courtyard, and site furnishings.