Connecticut Green

CL&P Recognizes the MDC

Hartford, CT – The Metropolitan District (MDC) was recognized by Connecticut Light & Power (CL&P) and Energize Connecticut for the installation of new energy efficient equipment at the Hartford Water Pollution Control Facility. MDC officials received a special plaque during a ceremony, held at the MDC’s headquarters, celebrating completion of the energy-saving upgrades.


The MDC and its consultants, JK Muir and Arcadis, worked with energy experts from CL&P to complete the energy efficiency upgrades as part of the Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) Phase II Project. The MDC anticipates saving more than $500,000 annually and approximately $8.2 million over the lifetime of the installed equipment. The new equipment will save the MDC 55 million kilowatt hours of electricity throughout its lifetime, which is equivalent to the amount of electricity 6600 homes would typically consume in one year. Additionally, as a result of the upgrades, carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced by over 59 million pounds.


The MDC received an Energize Connecticut program incentive of $1.5 million for the upgrade which included replacing three 40 year-old 3,000 horsepower compressors at the Hartford Water Pollution Control Facility with highly efficient 1,250 horsepower compressors. A new control system with sensors was also installed to regulate airflow and reduce energy consumption in the BNR system.


“The MDC has demonstrated its commitment as a steward of the environment with the Clean Water Project, a $2.1 billion multi-phase sewer infrastructure upgrade designed to address the goals of reducing sewage overflows and lowering nitrogen levels in the Connecticut River and Long Island Sound,” said Scott Jellison, MDC COO.  “With the BNR II project’s energy efficiency component, we are able to achieve those goals while reducing energy use and our operating costs, which benefit MDC customers over the long term.”
“The MDC demonstrates how investing in energy efficiency helps customers manage their energy costs and benefit the environment at the same time,” said Matthew Gibbs, Director of Energy Efficiency for CL&P. “We hope that other organizations within the water industry will be inspired by the MDC’s efforts and take advantage of Energize Connecticut programs and incentives.”


The MDC is currently working with CL&P on another project that includes the installation of variable frequency drives (VFDs) on three sludge dewatering centrifuges. The project is estimated to be completed in November 2014 and will save the MDC approximately $25,000 in annual energy costs.