Cintec North America Discusses Fire Resistant Anchors

Submitted by Cintec

In view of the recent fires and loss of life in refurbished buildings, Cintec has been fully aware of the danger of fire and has always produced fire resistant remedial anchors and reinforcement.

In the past few years, fire has been an increasing concern when buildings are being retrofitted, restored, or modernized.

As a leader in structural preservation, Cintec has always been an advocate for the restoration of safe buildings through fire-resistant anchors, as long ago as 1993 fire tests were carried out by the internationally recognized Building Research Establishment in accordance with BS476, ISO, and CEN. The fire rig was designed for use in the measurement of the performance of Cintec’s anchors in a fire situation while subjected to a mechanical load which might be a result of wind suction of fire-induced thermal movement.

Cintec’s remedial anchors survived a two-hour test without failure of any of the samples. Every sample reached several hundred degrees in the part of the anchor nearest to the fire face. This indicates the anchor system can be recommended for repair work to buildings requiring a fire rating of up to two hours.

In New York City, according to the NYC Buildings Department, adhesive anchors are not permitted to support fire-resistance rated construction unless the use of such anchors meets the conditions set forth in the acceptance criteria. Post-installed anchors in masonry must be designed in accordance with the NYC Construction Codes, describing the masonry substrate type and condition, as well as proof of pull tests.

Cintec anchors are the cementitious fire-resistant alternative to resin anchors. Since Cintec’s anchors are based on reliable restoration materials, cementitious grout and stainless steel, they easily provided the elusive fire rating typically absent in other systems.

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