CI Announces Winners

Hartford, CT – The Construction Institute (CI) members celebrated its annual membership meeting and awards event in June. The CI was honored to recognize some of the industry’s most outstanding leaders as well as to honor its members for their ongoing commitment to each other and the mission of the CI.

James Eacott III, of Bartlett Brainard Eacott, received the David N. LaBau Lifetime Recognition Award. This special award honors a lifetime of dedication to the Construction Institute and a continued impact on the AEC industry.

Zoraida Ferguson, of Pratt & Whitney, received the Distinguished Achievement Award for contributions to the advancement of the region’s design, construction, and facilities communities.

Joseph Ferrucci, of F + F Mechanical Enterprises, is the recipient of the Distinguished Service Award, honoring his leadership in the institute for continuously challenging members and infusing new ideas, and for his many years of engagement.

The CI membership honored individuals among its young professionals who are making a clear impact on the industry and within the institute with The Emerging Young Professionals Award. This year, two were honored: Antonia Ciaverella of Tecton Architects and Lindsey Fortunato of Fortunato Construction.

Special Industry Recognition Award: This award is reserved for an AEC organization, firm, or institution that has made an outstanding contribution to the industry and to the community. This year’s recipient is Colt Gateway LLC and Partners, for bringing together multiple aspects of the community and the industry to preserve a beautiful and important part of Connecticut’s history while promoting its future.


“Jim Eacott has supported the CI since its inception and has held his company to the highest standards in our industry”. He represents the third generation of the Eacott family to own and operate Bartlett Brainard.  Starting as a laborer, he moving up to assistant superintendent, then project manager and in 1978 he was appointed president., a position from which he has recently retired.

Zoraida Ferguson began her career at Pratt & Whitney working in the mail room and worked in many departments of the company, gaining experience and earning respect with every step. She achieved her current position of prominence through her talents, leadership, and dedication.  She is honored for her career achievements and her continuing engagement in and support of the industry, her promotion of charitable causes, her commitment to the Institute, and her passion for promoting students.

Joe  Ferrucci brings to the CI the same innovative and collaborative leadership that characterizes the business he owns and operates with his two brothers,  including his leadership as a Board member, as a member of the Education Committee, as a member of the CI/CETA working group, and as the Chair of the 2017 Visionaries Forum.

Antonia Ciaverella is heavily involved in the industry, with memberships in the Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture, the Environmental Design Research Association, the International Association of Applied Psychology, and the Connecticut Green Building Council. We all have a lot to learn from Antonia!!

Antonia Ciaverella   is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Neuroscience at the University of Hartford with the intent of fostering a dialogue between neuroscience research and design practice.

Lindsey Fortunato is recognized for her invaluable and ongoing contributions to the development of the YPC’s groundbreaking industryREdesign™ – Shape your Future, an exclusive series of workshops that uses a cross-industry, cross-generational approach to creating solutions for the industry’s greatest challenges. Lindsey is a true leader in her field.