CHA Consulting Completes Sustainable School Renovation

Lincoln K-8 Public School

Lincoln, MA – CHA Consulting, Inc. (CHA) announced that the renovation of the Lincoln K-8 Public School in Lincoln, which opened in the fall of 2022, is the Commonwealth’s most sustainable school renovation project.

CHA provided owners project management (OPM) services for the renovation of the 127,528sf school and construction of a 37,500sf addition. The school renovation was designed to generate as much electricity as it consumes. It is the first in the Commonwealth to achieve this level of sustainability in a public school renovation project.

Matloff Lab

The design for the renovated school retained the modernist theme of the original school while achieving net-zero class B standards for sustainability in a school renovation. CHA’s project management team worked closely with the Town of Lincoln stakeholders to find solutions with the lowest possible energy use intensity (EUI) while remaining within budget.

The $94 million renovation and addition provide many unique learning spaces. The “L” shaped building has new shared spaces, including a central entrance, dining commons, kitchen, flexible learning commons, media center (library), and centralized administration. The educational areas provide flexibility to support future educational models and practices, and representatives of CHA say the interior spaces offer dramatically increased flexibility in student groupings for the collaborative, creative, dynamic work the 21st century learning demands.

Learning commons

CHA project manager, Amanda Sawyer, praised the community for their commitment to sustainability: “This school is a treasure. It will serve the community, students, and our planet by thoughtful use of resources and the willingness to embrace sustainability and green building solutions. This school community is a great example for the next generation.”