Cape Cod Hospital Reno Under Way

Dellbrook and Scanlan team up

CCH EC Lobby

Cape Cod Hospital lobby

Hyannis, MA – Dellbrook Construction/JK Scanlan Company Healthcare Team is currently working on the third phase of the 40,000sf construction and renovation project for  the new emergency center at Cape Cod Hospital in Hyannis, designed by Isgenuity, LLC,


Trauma Room at CCH

Trauma room

Within the multiphased project, phases 1 and 3 involve complete renovations of interior spaces within the hospital. Phase 2  included the building constructed to serve as the new emergency center for the hospital. The new building is steel-framed with EIFS, granite, and metal wall panel exterior. Complete interior millwork and finishes are included in the new facility.



Cape Cod Hospital

Cape Cod Hospital

Cape Cod Healthcare’s new Emergency Center nearly doubled the size of the current department and included a total of 72 patient care treatment rooms. The new Acute Care Unit features 52 private treatment rooms and is divided into three contiguous areas, each with an advanced clinical station at its center. Forty-eight rooms arranged in adjacent four-room pods surround the three clinical stations, plus an additional four specialty care rooms.

Also located within the Acute Care Unit is the new Emergency Diagnostic Suite, which will be equipped with the latest CT technology, x-ray, and ultrasound capabilities that will enable emergency department staff to more quickly diagnose a patient’s injury or trauma.

The Fast Track Unit is an integral part of the emergency center, designed to facilitate the care for patients presenting with noncritical emergencies. This 11-bed unit significantly helps to shorten the time patients spend in the emergency department by providing focused treatment quickly and efficiently in a comfortable, more appropriate setting than the Acute Care Unit.