Can Art be Safe in a Public Space?

| November 26, 2018

by Elizabeth Lackey

Example image of installed artwork

In highly trafficked, public areas, there are distinctive challenges that face designers, owners, and property managers. Art in these spaces are often subject to damage and theft but still require the same attention to aesthetics as private lobbies and interiors. So how do you decorate and enliven public spaces given this problem?

Here at Boston Art, we have developed new ways to tackle this issue using nontraditional substrates and secure mounting techniques. We were recently tasked with reinvigorating an entertainment center with large public areas and hundreds of guest rooms.

To make the art a safe investment, we ditched traditional mediums, such as canvas or works on paper, and focused our attention on substrates like metal and wood. We have created sturdy contemporary pieces that surprise visitors with a unique wall-sculpture-like quality.

When hanging the work, we use hardware flush to the wall that can only be removed with a special tool. The best part is that using this modern method of decoration does not compromise image quality, style, or budget.

With relationships involving countless artists and resources, and with subjects ranging from historical to abstract, we are able to generate a high volume of stunning works to furnish each guest room, as well as large-scale, custom pieces for lobby areas.

At Boston Art, we approach each project with the same goal in mind — to thoughtfully source the perfect artwork for our clients’ spaces. Our hope is for all public areas to be enhanced with art to inspire a sense of place, delight visitors, and serve the needs of the space.

Elizabeth Lackey


Elizabeth Lackey is a consultant at Boston Art.




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