Cambridge Issues Construction Guidance for Still-Active Sites

Cambridge, MA – NAIOP Massachusetts, the Commercial Real Estate Development Association, issued the following update on the city of Cambridge’s “Mandatory Guidelines for Construction During COVID-19 Pandemic for Contractors Working During the Moratorium,” dated April 2:
On the evening of April 2, the city of Cambridge released guidance for currently active construction sites. The guidance does not change the types of construction activities covered by the existing moratorium, issued on March 18.
All contractors undertaking construction projects that have received approval from the Inspectional Services Department or the Department of Public Works to work during the Moratorium shall follow the city’s COVID-19 Construction Guidelines, and are strongly urged to review the Commonwealth’s COVID-19 Guidelines and Procedures for all Construction Sites and Workers. Inspectional Services or Public Works Departments may shut down job sites that are found to be in violation of the city’s COVID-19 Construction Guidelines. Additionally, larger construction sites may require more elaborate reports and worker training plans.
The guidelines include Limiting Exposures, Worker Infection Protocol, Identification of Exposure, Notification and Quarantine Requirements, Sanitation Requirements, and Returning to Work.

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