BVH Joins Salas O’Brien

The BVH team celebrated joining Salas O’Brien at a company cookout with Salas O’Brien CEO, Darin Anderson, on June 15.

Santa Ana, CA – Salas O’Brien announced that BVH Integrated Services has joined the company, marking a significant expansion into New England for Salas O’Brien and creating a combined firm of 43 offices, more than 1,100 team members, and 290 registered professionals.

The merger closed on June 1, and news was shared soon afterwards with both the BVH and Salas O’Brien teams. The BVH team’s capabilities and portfolio complement Salas O’Brien’s existing work in New England, particularly with large higher education clients pursuing carbon neutrality goals.

As the next step in Salas O’Brien’s strategy to be local everywhere, with international resources, the BVH team will continue to be managed by its current leaders and will adopt the Salas O’Brien name after a transition period. The BVH team will also collaborate with teams from across Salas O’Brien with the goal of offering a single point of contact for a wide variety of in- house engineering and related services.

“I cannot imagine a better merger partner for BVH than Salas O’Brien,” said Karl Frey, CEO of BVH. “Our clients will benefit from the increased expertise we can now offer, but even more importantly, they can rest assured that our local team remains engaged and ready to serve them, both now and long into the future. The future is bright for our team and clients with Salas O’Brien.”

“I have long wanted to grow the Salas O’Brien team in New England,” said Darin Anderson, Salas O’Brien chairman and CEO. “As I got to know Karl, Tom, and rest of the BVH team, I was astonished at how similar we are, and I became more certain than ever that this was the partnership that would achieve our mutual goals. BVH, like Salas O’Brien, is focused on creating growth and opportunity for its whole team, and I am thrilled at what is in store for our united team.”

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