BU’s Agganis Arena Brightens Player and Spectator Experience

| February 22, 2018

Boston – At Boston University’s Agganis Arena, teamwork doesn’t just happen on the ice. Outside of the rink, the university partnered with Eversource to upgrade its arena lighting to LEDs with occupancy-based controls and dimming functionality, reducing the arena’s annual energy use by 65 percent. Energy-saving project exceeds NCAA lighting requirements, casting players and performers under a new light.

The improved lighting, engineered and installed by ENGIE Services U.S., makes it easier for coaches to monitor games, referees to make calls and players to keep track of the fast-moving puck. The brighter rink and bleachers also provide a better visual experience for spectators, press and BU’s facilities team.

“The new custom-designed system exceeds NCAA championship lighting specifications needed to broadcast our Hockey East powerhouse teams in a clearer, brighter way,” said BU’s Director of Building Automation Services Elijah Eroclino. “The light levels are much higher than before and require less maintenance. We won’t have to worry about going up on the catwalk to change these lights for up to ten years.”

By connecting them to solutions for savings, Eversource anticipates BU will reduce its electricity use by approximately 885,000 kilowatt-hours annually from the lighting project alone. This is equivalent to 1,050 tons of CO2 avoided or 240 cars off the road for one year – a significant contribution to BU’s Climate Action Plan to achieve net zero emissions by 2040. The University and Eversource continue to partner to reduce energy and have an HVAC optimization project at the arena slated for the spring.

“We applaud the university in its energy efficiency and sustainability efforts to reach its Climate Action Plan goals, and we’re glad to be a part of that process,” said Eversource Vice President of Energy Efficiency Tilak Subrahmanian. “The comprehensive lighting project at Agganis Arena will accelerate their efforts to meet this milestone all while giving BU staff the flexibility to control the lighting for such a dynamic, multi-use space.”

Agganis Arena Assistant General Manager, Brad Mount, explained how the lighting controls make a difference in his role. “When planning the overall experience for a game or show, I can be out on the floor with event staff and adjust the lights for the specific event. The remote access is a fantastic feature.”


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