Northern New England Restoration/Renovation

Brookstone Builders Completes Shipyard Renovation Project

Manchester, NH –  Brookstone Builders, Inc. recently announced that they have completed a renovation project at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in the paint-blasting facility, also known as building 284.

The scope-of-work encompassed select interior demolition, reconstruction of floors and utilities, lighting upgrades, the relocation of steam water and sewer systems, and the construction of a complete office building within a large existing warehouse.

The initiative was conducted to accommodate the relocation of personnel from another building, at the shipyard, which was scheduled for demolition.

Erik Crisman was Brookstone Builders’ Project Manager, and Brookstone Builders was a subcontractor on this project, with CCI Energy & Construction Services LLC of Augusta,  Maine serving as the primary contractor.

“We have truly enjoyed our professional business relationships with both the Navy and CCI,” said Brookstone Builder’s President Paula Scales. “Our crews were well-suited to meeting the precise time-frame associated with this project, and the Navy’s streamlined processes and communication protocols were very helpful in keeping all phases of the job on track as well.”

A woman-owned enterprise, Brookstone Builders, Inc. was founded in 1984. The company provides commercial, industrial, and design-build solutions throughout northern New England,
and has also been involved in a wide range of specialty and renovation projects.