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Bridgewater State University Receives BSA Honor Award

Bridgewater, MA – The Bridgewater State University Science and Mathematics Center has been recognized by this year’s BSA Honor Award jury.

Built to expand the University’s 1964 science center following a ten-fold increase in enrollment, the new Science and Mathematics Building provides students with opportunities for experiential learning and undergraduate research, fosters cross-disciplinary collaboration and radically redefines a once ragged campus edge. The project—a strategic mix of renovation, demolition and addition—is comprised of three wings forming a “Y” which address very different campus contexts through subtle shifts in exterior vocabulary and materials.

On one side, two terracotta wings face a traditional campus quadrangle. On a more utilitarian, metal-clad side, the building abuts the campus utility plant. The third side was carefully configured to protect and preserve a collection of rare specimen trees; here, a delicate wood screen filters daylight and frames views of the arboretum from the building’s multi-story entrance lobby, faculty offices and student study spaces.

The level of the award – Honor level, Award level or Citation level will be announced formally at the January 2014 BSA Awards Gala.