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Braintree Firm Joins National Voter Registration Coalition

Braintree, MA – The Peabody Companies, a group of award-winning property management and real estate firms, has joined the National Low Income Housing Coalition’s (NLIHC) Housing Providers Council, a national group of affordable housing providers who have pledged to help low-income renters register to vote.

Data indicates that historically, renters are less likely to vote than homeowners, particularly low-income renters. As such, the Peabody Companies is now exploring the possibility of providing a voter registration card to all future new lease holders as a way to ensure that their voices are heard.

On Sept. 29, Kate Swope, director of resident services at Peabody, presented on a national panel highlighting the work of Peabody Properties in voter registration and encouraging other large affordable housing providers to join the Housing Providers Council.

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