Life Science

BPDA Releases Life Sciences Action Agenda

Boston – The Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA) released a Life Sciences Action Agenda in response to ongoing life sciences development throughout the city of Boston. In an effort to support the industry’s built environment needs, while addressing concerns from the public in relation to the location and design of these developments, the Life Sciences Action Agenda provides transparency around how the BPDA will take a coordinated approach to guiding life sciences development.

In partnership with the public, sister city agencies, and the development community, the agenda outlines how the BPDA will create clear avenues for development and predictability in the city’s urban fabric, while prioritizing the safety of Boston’s residents. The BPDA is committed to continuing to leverage new investment in this industry to support equitable economic opportunities for Boston residents to encourage job creation and the growth of a resilient economy, as well as prioritizing more housing options to support this growth.

Through the agenda, the BPDA will shape life science development using new design guidelines and zoning language, and support public health and safety in partnership with its sister agencies. The agency will ensure the built environment and any other aspects within agency jurisdiction do not contribute to any health and safety concerns. In addition to these commitments, the BPDA will also continue to integrate appropriate planning for life sciences developments in ongoing planning initiatives, which will then be incorporated into zoning.

With the Life Sciences Action Agenda, the BPDA is committing to:

  • Releasing draft Life Sciences Design Guidelines for public review to ensure life sciences buildings fit within the fabric of the city, within the next three months.
  • Releasing draft zoning code amendments for public review to define life sciences research and development uses in the next eight months.
  • Releasing an interactive map of life sciences development in Boston in the next eight months.
  • Working with sister public agencies like BPHC to improve communications, release educational materials, and provide community engagement opportunities including a series of public meetings on life sciences.

Opportunities for public engagement on these topics will be posted on the BPDA website.