Mixed-use Multi Residential Up Front

BPDA Board Approves New Developments

515-519 East Second Street

Boston – The Boston Planning & Development (BPDA) board of directors approved nearly 1.6 million sq, ft. of development. 

A five-story, residential building totaling approximately 38,750sf at 515-519 East Second Street  in South Boston will contain 30 homeownership units, four of which are income-restricted, 35 garage parking spaces, and bicycle storage. 

The newly approved 1700-1710 Dorchester Avenue will build two, four-story buildings in Dorchester that contain a combined 36 residential units, including five income-restricted units. The project will also contribute funding for public realm and transportation infrastructure improvements in the area. 

Compliant with Boston’s Compact Living Policy, 1463-1469 Dorchester Avenue will be a five-story mixed-use building totaling approximately 20,275sf with 29 residential units, including four income-restricted units, 30 bicycle parking spaces, and 1,360sf of retail space.

1463-1469 Dorchester Avenue

WBZ-TV Station Project will replace the operations at the existing WBZ-TV facility. This project will replace the existing facility, constructed in 1948, with a modern building containing a more compact footprint by demolishing the office building and structures located at 1200 Soldiers Field Road.

Allston Green (20 Linden Street) will construct three buildings of varying heights containing a combined 349 rental units; 53 or 15% of total units will be income-restricted. There will be six artist live/work units, two privately owned public spaces, two murals (one seven-story, and one four-story), a courtyard, and a neighborhood green with 36 trees.

Residences at Readville Station, located at 1717-1725 Hyde Park Avenue, constructs two residential buildings containing a total of 273 new housing units, 41 of which are income-restricted. The project includes a below grade parking garage, a private park open to the public, and ground floor retail space. Pedestrian and transportation improvements in the immediate area will include new sidewalks, curb setbacks, and a traffic study.

The development at 11 East Lenox Street in Roxbury will build a seven-story, residential building totaling approximately 43,564sf. The project will contain 34 rental units, four of which are income-restricted. The building will also contain parking spaces and bicycle storage spaces.

South Boston Innovation Campus (2 Harbor Street) will build a 10-story building totaling approximately 380,800sf consisting of mainly laboratory, office, and/or research and development uses. The building program includes a publicly accessible pedestrian plaza, below-grade and surface level parking spaces, and approximately 32,000sf of water-dependent industrial uses. 

The 25 Fountain Street project will construct a four-story residential building that will contain 40 income-restricted homeownership units, off-street parking spaces, and bicycle spaces.

The board also approved the renovation and refurbishment of the Langham Hotel Boston, located at 250 Franklin Street.

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