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BPDA Approves New Projects in July

Jan Karski Way Extension Project

Boston – The Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA) board of directors approved five new development projects in July. The new projects will create 544 residential units, a minimum of 79 of which will be designated income-restricted.

The proposed Jan Karski Way Extension Project in Dorchester will add 403 new residential rental units; 60 of those units will be designated as affordable units. It will create approximately 400 construction jobs and an estimated 50 additional full-time and part-time retail jobs. The project will improve the public realm with enhanced streetscapes, including the construction of new streets and sidewalks. The project will also add approximately 14,665sf of retail space and 47,786sf of new publicly accessible open space.

190 Dudley Street

The five-story building at 190 Dudley Street will add 28 units of housing, four of which are designated as affordable, as well as new ground floor commercial space. With its close distance to Nubian Station, the development will incentivize the use of public transit, car sharing, bicycling, and other modes of transport. An estimated 31 construction jobs will be created by the project, and the retail space will allow for permanent jobs after the development is built.

601 Newbury Street

The project at 601 Newbury Street in the Fenway neighborhood will add four additional stories atop an existing 3-story building to allow for 71 new compact living rental units, nine of which will be income-restricted. The proponent will also be contributing $87,400 to the City’s IDP fund. The project includes approximately 4,176sf of shared space, which is in compliance with the Shared Spaces Size Requirements of the Compact Living Policy (CLP). It will also create 75 construction jobs.

555 Metropolitan Avenue

The project at 555 Metropolitan Avenue in Hyde Park would redevelop an existing parking lot into 21 condominium units, three of which will be income-restricted. As part of mitigation funding for the three-story property, the proponent will contribute $29,663 to fund street improvements nearby. They will also create a pedestrian pathway to connect Metropolitan Avenue to Hyde Park Avenue. It will create 30 construction jobs.

69 Bailey Street

Located in Dorchester, this project at 69 Bailey Street would create a new three-story building containing rental housing including 21 compact living units, three of which will be income restricted. The proponent will be demolishing the one-story building currently on the project site. The proponent will also offer 50% subsidized transit in perpetuity. Forty-five construction jobs will also be created.

Additionally, the BPDA has selected Ameresco, Inc. to construct a solar PV canopy above the Marine Industrial Park Garage in the Raymond L. Flynn Marine Park (RLFMP). The system will install over 3,500 solar panels on the roof of the garage and is expected to generate nearly 2 million kWh of power annually and reduce 1,400 metric tons of carbon dioxide each year. 

To broaden awareness of the low carbon benefits and accelerate the utilization of MT/CLT practices in Boston and the New England region, the BPDA will also implement a technical assistance program to support early phase active development projects in assessing the carbon reduction benefits of MT/CLT strategies. With funding support from the USDA Forest Service, the Softwood Lumber Board and the Climate Work Alliance, the BPDA will offer $250,000 in grant funding to competitively selected project teams.

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