BPDA Approves New Developments in May

2085 Washington Street rendering

Boston – The Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA) board of directors recently approved new development projects that represent approximately 164,139sf and will support over 600 construction jobs and over 1,000 new permanent jobs.

The project at 2085 Washington Street, part of The Madison Tropical Development at Parcel 10, will bring 94 income-restricted homes and artist spaces to Roxbury. The PLAN: Nubian Square initiative has established several objectives for the publicly owned properties in the area, which include the creation of jobs, affordable housing, resilient and sustainable construction, and a commitment to diversity and inclusion in the community.

279 Maverick Street rendering

Located in East Boston, the 279 Maverick Street project will build a new 5-story building containing 32 rental units, five of which will be income-restricted. The ground floor will also include 1,797sf of retail space. The project will also make streetscape improvements, contribute $9,465 to the city’s bikeshare program, and improve the pedestrian experience on Maverick Street.

The 80 East Berkeley Street project, a previously approved 150-foot tall office proposal located on the site of the Stanhope Garage at the corner of Shawmut Avenue and East Berkeley Street in the South End, will be changed to life sciences research space, while retaining ground floor cultural, retail, and commercial uses.  The project is consistent with the vision and goals laid out in the 2012 Harrison-Albany Strategic Plan. It will provide $2.5 million in linkage funding to generate affordable housing and provide job training for residents, $265,000 toward traffic mitigation and public realm improvements, and $25,000 to three community-based organizations.

80 East Berkeley Street rendering

The BPDA board also voted to tentatively designate Windale Developers Inc. to develop 12 vacant BPDA-owned parcels into 23 new housing units in the Garrison-Trotter neighborhood of Roxbury, nearly 70% of which will be considered income-restricted. The proposal includes three single-family homes, eight townhomes, and two two-family homes. Windale Design and Construction LLC is a certified MBE and Boston-based company that meets BPDA’s diversity, equity and inclusion requirements. The proposal includes a plan to promote diversity through engagement with local and minority subcontractors, and aims to achieve construction employment that is 51% Boston residents, 40% persons of color, and 12% women.

Funding to support career pathways in planning and development for Boston youth is also moving forward, with $58,592 designated to support the University of Massachusetts Boston’s Summer Program in Resiliency Planning, $15,000 to support Boston Architectural College’s (BAC) Mobile Makers program,
and $48,000 to support the BAC’s Summer Academy Fellows Program.