BELIMO HQ Receives LEED Gold

BELIMO America’s North American headquarters












Designed by SLAM

Danbury, CT – BELIMO America’s North American headquarters in Danbury has received LEED Gold certification.

Perched on its new 34-acre site, the 195,000sf facility, designed by The S/L/A/M Collaborative (SLAM), comprises 129,000sf of logistics and manufacturing space, 15,000sf of test labs, and 51,000sf of office space across three stories.

The facility incorporates many of its own energy-saving products throughout the facility, such as its bright orange actuators or its energy valves, which utilize system operation data to improve performance and optimize energy efficiency, allowing visitors to see how they are being used in real-world applications.

The office block, which contains the main building entrance, is located on the southeast corner to benefit from a passive solar orientation and conform to the topography.

To control solar heat gain, BELIMO’s glass curtainwall incorporates horizontal and vertical shading devices, depending on orientation; the office program was distributed on three different levels, utilizing low-profile furnishings to minimize the building footprint and maximize daylight and view opportunities for both office and manufacturing staff; interior product selection was based on environmentally friendly component factors; and new AV technology limits previously extensive travel between sites.


The new headquarters features an HVAC installation allowing visitors to see BELIMO products in action. The project’s directive was to reflect the culture of BELIMO throughout the design where the response created a building that is both utilitarian and dynamic—forward-looking with clean lines and a high level of transparency, while providing uniqueness to a modern office environment.

BELIMO is a Switzerland-based company and the recognized global market leader in the development, production, and marketing of actuators, valves, and sensor solutions for controlling heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems. The company differentiates itself from competitors through higher customer benefits of its products and services with a focus on customers’ success. The building makes a bold statement in support of the company’s mission and leadership goals for a healthy, communal, and efficient work environment.

The project rated 62 points in the LEED Gold Certification category and rated 19 out of 19 points in the energy performance optimization model, projecting 48 percent in energy savings over the base line