Beacon Piping on Team for UMass Project

Boston – Beacon Piping is part of the team delivering the new underground utilities corridor on the UMass Boston campus. The utility system serving the university is being replaced and relocated in a more efficient configuration circling the campus.

This comprehensive project includes 10,000 LFT of electrical duct bank, 10,000 LFT of telecommunications duct bank, 5,000 LFT of storm piping, 4,500 LFT of gas piping, 3,500 LFT of sanitary piping, and upgrades to the central utility plant. Beacon Piping provided the installation of 40,000 LFT of piping comprised of 24-inch ductile iron chilled water and 16-inch hot water carbon steel pipe, which will tie in to several buildings on campus when complete.

Included in Beacon’s scope are eight pipe vaults located throughout the system and 100% radiographic examination of an estimated 1,000 welds. Throughout the project, Beacon kept a close account of QA/QC and daily production.

During planning, 3D modeling was utilized to account for every detail, including pipe routing, elevations, fittings, and valve locations. This assisted with the coordination of just-in-time delivery of materials, as space is very limited on campus.