Beacon Piping Provides Services for Energy Facility

"Brother-in-Law” weld

Canton, MA – Beacon Piping recently completed the installation of all the balance-of-plant welded piping from 2  1/2 inches to 36 inches in diameter for major equipment that supports a large Boston-area district energy facility.

This installation included state-of-the-art systems that make up a combined heat and power (CHP) facility for an institutional client’s geographic expansion. This low-carbon, highly efficient CHP is required to provide hot water, chilled water, off-peak chilled water storage, and electricity distribution.

The scope of the project included the installation of large bore condenser piping for 2500-ton cooling towers, which included 36 inch pipe welds being performed by what is known in the industry as “Brother-in-Law” welds, where two welders simultaneously work on the same joint. Beacon Piping’s scope on this project required 100% radiograph certification of over 2300 welded pipe joints.

Beacon Piping supervised its crew of pipefitters from Local 537 over the course of this project, which was completed in January of 2020.