Conn. Supports Efficiency Projects

Online Dashboard Allows UI, CNG and SCG Commercial Customers To Assess Available Energy Efficiency Funding Opportunities

Orange, CT –  Millions of dollars are available to Commercial and Industrial (C&I) utility customers across the state to help support energy efficiency upgrades and new efficiency projects. Through a new dashboard feature on the Energize CT website, C&I customers can view the energy efficiency project funding availability for programs including new construction, new equipment and retrofit, including process equipment. Experts at United Illuminating (UI), Connecticut Natural Gas (CNG) and Southern Connecticut Gas (SCG), subsidiaries of AVANGRID, Inc., can help customers assess and determine project opportunities and related savings.

Energy engineers provide both financial and technical assistance through these incentive programs, helping their customers in each step, from energy audits to project installation to incentive check presentations. Incentive availability changes throughout the year as funds are dispersed for completed projects and commitments are made for new projects.

These available financial incentives have allowed hundreds of businesses across Connecticut to improve the efficiency of their facility’s electrical and gas equipment, upgrade their operations and save greatly in annual energy costs. Savings have been achieved by replacing old or inefficient lighting, HVAC, chillers, motors, system controls, water heaters and commercial cooking equipment. The available incentives have helped make projects more affordable, whether the project is new construction, a major renovation or addition, or replacement of aging or ineffective equipment.

“It is our hope that by making it easily accessible for C&I customers to realize the energy incentives available, they will take advantage of the funds and assistance we can provide,” said Elizabeth Murphy, C&I supervisor at AVANGRID, Inc. “Being informed is critical in the planning process for new construction and retrofit projects, so we want to make sure they know there are ways to make these energy projects more affordable and save on annual utility costs.”