Atlantic Prefab Provides Innovative Solutions for Specialty Truss Designs

Submitted by Atlantic Prefab 

Atlantic Prefab of Wilton, N.H. announced that it is now offering specialty truss designs for architects across the Northeast.

In many instances, architects are confined to keeping roof designs standard. When designers are limited because of cost and supply, they are often forced to settle for a typical roof that is commonly seen.

Atlantic Prefab uses state-of-the-art technology to create specialty trusses.

In the past, a complex design that involved a curved roof and wall geometry came with a high cost and long lead time. Now, Atlantic Prefab has developed a system using prefabricated cold-formed steel trusses that makes all kinds of custom work both fast and affordable.

Atlantic Prefab was called when Fairfield Inns across New England were going through renovations and needed an updated entry roof. The architect’s design called for a wave style roof, and the “go to” for a roof like this is bent structural steel. However, that approach is expensive and requires secondary in-fill framing for ceiling and roof substrate attachment.

Atlantic Prefab was able to offer a cost competitive approach which also eliminated the need for additional trades. API designed custom wave truss profiles for each specific site.

Specialty truss for the Fairfield Inn

These trusses were installed by drywall framing crews at a fraction of the cost for a structural steel erector. Furthermore, these trusses were provided in pre-assembled modules encompassing the sheathing and weather barrier that allowed for a fast one-day installation.


Whether your design encompasses a barrel style roof, a conical roof, a radiused vault, eyebrow dormers, or a wave roof, chances are, Atlantic Prefab has done it.

Atlantic Prefab also designs and fabricates many other prefabricated solutions such as load bearing panelized wall systems, exterior envelope panels, pre-finished StoPanels and Cee Truss roof systems, as well as custom prefabricated solutions for you commercial projects.




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