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Architectural and Interior Design Firm to Develop Crypto Mining Facilities

Boston – SDI Architecture, a Boston-based international architectural and interior design firm that develops distinct, custom designs, centered upon the user’s experience, announced its partnership with Encon EPM, LLC to build facilities specifically to house electric and computer power for cryptocurrency mining.

SDI and Encon EPM will work together as “The Crypto Facility Design Group” to offer the services needed to develop high-functioning crypto mining centers.  The team will offer fast-tracked construction and design schedules, various industry-specific team coordination and specialized project permit pre-approvals and will include all architecture, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection planning aspects.

The centers require a substantial power source close by and affordable space that can be zoned for the project. The combination of the need for space at a low price, appropriately zoned, combined with the high power needs takes an in-depth knowledge of the construction, conservation, scope of work, and code compliance.