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Apollo Safety Unearths Mining Division

John V. Carvalho III, president of Apollo Safety, Inc.

John V. Carvalho III

Fall River, MA – Apollo Safety, Inc. a veteran-owned, Fall River-based company specializing in safety products and services, recently announced the formation of a mining division to better the mining industry in general and other entities that work underground. The new division will feature extensive offerings for mines and underground work as it pertains to gas detection equipment, maintenance, and monitoring.

“When you work underground, you go to work knowing there’s a possibility you might not resurface. That’s why it’s critical that these facilities have reliable gas detection monitors placed throughout the underground site,” said John V. Carvalho III, president of Apollo Safety, Inc. “Our new mining division will help these mines and other underground facilities select the appropriate system for their needs and make recommendations for a suitable maintenance schedule.”

Apollo Safety’s offerings include a wide variety of portable and stationary gas detection systems suitable for large universities and portables gas monitors for rent.

“Having gas detection systems in place can only save lives if you know they are working properly. That’s what makes having a maintenance program critical,” said Carvalho. “With our new division, we provide maintenance and monitoring services to actually test gas detection systems so the facility knows that it’s working properly rather than just assuming all is well.”

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