Apollo Safety Celebrates 20 Years in Business

John V. Carvalho III, president of Apollo Safety, Inc.

John V. Carvalho III

Fall River, MA – Apollo Safety, Inc. a veteran-owned, Fall River-based company specializing in safety products and services, recently celebrated its 20th anniversary.

“I learned of the need within organizations like fire and rescue, manufacturers, public works, educational, and institutional as well as life sciences for expert, timely comprehension about gas detection,” said John Carvalho, who founded Apollo Safety, Inc. along with his wife, Tracy, and Mike Medeiros back in February 1995. “So, I saw that as a niche we could provide useful information and expertise. Safety professionals and facilities managers quickly embraced our company and the services we provided. The rest, as they say, is history.”

Over the years, the company has grown from its early beginnings in Carvalho’s garage to a business that employs 14 at its headquarters at 57 Walnut Street in Fall River, as well as in Boston and Connecticut.

The company’s offerings include a wide variety of portable and stationary gas detection systems suitable for all detection, including name brands like Industrial Scientific, RAE Systems by Honeywell, RKI Instruments, MSA, Detcon, Scott and GMI. Apollo Safety also offers portable gas monitors for rental at weekly or monthly rates. Equipment is calibrated to NIST standards.


In addition, Apollo Safety provides on-site installation and training and 24/7 service. Apollo Safety technicians are factory-trained. Apollo also offers its own proprietary training program, with five levels of certification.

“What I’ve liked about the business is that we came from nothing in the Fall River community and are now trusted by municipal, state and federal departments along with multi-national Fortune 500 companies. That goes to show you the American Dream is alive and well for hardworking, honest and industrious Americans,” said Carvalho. “I’m also proud of how Apollo has given back to the community, particularly veterans’ organizations.”

Apollo Safety recently donated to the Wounded Warrior project. The company also took part in the Fall River Area Chamber of Commerce’s pledge to interview two veterans by the end of 2014, and hired a Veteran from that initiative.

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