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Antinozzi Associates completes savings Bank of Danbury in New Milford


Entrance of Savings Bank of Danbury in New Milford, CT

Bridgeport, CT – As on-call Architects and Designers for the Savings Bank of Danbury, Antinozzi Associates was asked to design a new signature branch in New Milford with executive offices, lending offices, and a training room. Our modern design solution used traditional components coupled with contemporary details to signify the longevity of the bank’s history in the area. The construction of this branch building was completed in July 2014 and has received rave reviews from clients and customers alike.


Settled on the peak of a hill, the newly-constructed 4,600 SF branch site is located on the New Milford/Brookfield line and welcomes customers, residents, and visitors to New Milford.  It encompasses architecture that speaks both to the mission and longevity of the bank, as well as to New Milford’s history.


Interior of Savings Bank of Danbury in New Milford, CT

Interior of Savings Bank of Danbury in New Milford, CT

Both functionality and aesthetics are incorporated in the branch design. When entering, the stone walls include a meet and greet plaza which act as a screen from the road for all cars in queue for the drive-up window and ATM.  The main lobby, which comprised of the technology and waiting area, includes the traditional teller line as well as a remote teller station.  This teller system is an image-enabled self-service ATM machine utilizing the latest technology which allows customers to interact with a bank staff at a remote location.


In addition to the standard teller line and customer service offices, a technology center was included to allow the staff to exhibit and educate customers about banking on various devices such as iPads, iPhones, and computers. An area was also sectioned off to house a technology table for customers to utilize their own devices.


The interior space was designed to encourage face-to-face interaction while also providing privacy. The angled high-back chairs offer both visual and sound intimacy without inhibiting the open space. Interactions can be easily monitored from both the teller and office areas. The overall design concept of this branch exhibits a crisp, clean, and contemporary atmosphere that responds to today’s contemporary users while still having an inviting character.


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