Analog Devices’ New Parking Structure Incorporates Sustainability Features

Analog Devices campus / Photos courtesy of


Analog Devices, a multi-billion-dollar manufacturer of semiconductors, consolidated several locations across the state of Massachusetts into one expanded campus. As part of the consolidation, a new 215,000sf precast concrete parking structure was constructed. It features three elevated levels, three bays wide, to accommodate approximately 675 cars.

Analog Devices is Wilmington’s largest employer. The new construction and renovations to existing buildings were necessary to consolidate their locations as well as to allow them to host meetings and large gatherings for customers.

Analog Devices campus

The expanded campus includes a 174,610sf office/R&D building, a 52,000sf “Hub” building, and a 675-space parking garage. The Hub building includes a variety of uses such as a cafeteria, fitness center, reception/gallery, auditorium, conference rooms and product demo lab, all of which are geared toward enhancing the work environment of employees as well as the visitor experience on campus.

The parking garage matches the style of the world headquarters office building while it also incorporates several sustainability features such as electric vehicle charging stations and a Photo Voltaic Array (PVA) at the roof level. The free standing total precast structure features a ribbed horizontal form liner finish and a dark charcoal color at the exterior. The garage includes a punch through stair at one end with a feature stair and elevator tower at the opposite end of the structure. The feature stair has tree columns which support the roof and stair risers. All these elements are dark charcoal in color to match the exterior of the garage.

Dailey Precast worked extensively with Lee Kennedy to ensure a continuous flow of precast deliveries while minimizing any disruption to the surrounding community. Precast erecting was completed during the summer of 2019. The 413 pieces that comprise the precast concrete system were erected in just 22 working days.

The parking garage facade complements the facade of Building 7 with its color palettes and horizontal striations. The glass stair and elevator tower also reflect the curtain wall present throughout the corporate campus. The color is reminiscent of the grey and black slate walls and skirts around the exterior of the office buildings. Read the full story at

Project Credits:

Precaster: Dailey Precast, Shaftsbury, VT
Owner: Analog Devices, Inc., Woburn, MA
Architect: Baker Design Group, Inc., Boston, MA
Engineer: Desman, Boston, MA
Contractor: Lee Kennedy Co., Inc., Quincy, MA