Multi Residential Senior/Assisted Living

Amenta Emma Double Groundbreaking

myles at groundbreaking duncaster 2

(l-r) Myles Brown, Amenta Emma; John Wheat, Duncaster, Inc.; Michael O’Brien, Duncaster; John Carpenter, Olsen Construction Services; Lou Desario, Duncaster; Arlene Parmelee RN, Duncaster and Regina Jackym , Duncaster assisted living resident

Bloomfield, CT – Amenta Emma Architects recently  participated in a double groundbreaking ceremony for its two senior living projects on the 40 acre campus of Duncaster of Bloomfield. 

One addition will add 12 new independent living apartments to the main building complex at 40 Loeffler Road and will include a new elevator, parking, and storage for residents. 

A second will add a 12-bed memory care wing to the south end of the Caleb Hitchcock Health Center at 10 Loeffler Road and will incorporate “small house project” concepts that offer a model for long-term care designed to look and feel like a real home. 

The additions are to be constructed simultaneously.