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AISC Seeks New Ideas for Rigid Connections

Chicago – The American Institute of Steel Construction announced it is offering $5,000 for up to three great ideas to revolutionize steel floor beam connections.

The ideal solution will be fast and easy to install, will reduce rotation of floor beam connections to improve performance, will use technology that is not typically found in construction (think: 3D printing, adhesives, etc.), and will be equal to in cost or less expensive than current designs and methods. 

These ideas may come from outside the standard structural steel industry. For instance, mechanical engineers, material scientists, or carpenters may have a unique idea that hasn’t been seen before.

“Someone out there has been kicking around a great idea for an innovative, fast connection and they may not even know it,” said Erin Conaway, PE, LEED AP, AISC director of market development. “That’s why we’re reaching out beyond the steel industry to see whether other technically minded professionals can apply their expertise to structural steel.” 

The SpeedConnection Steel Challenge runs through Nov. 20.

To learn more or to submit an idea to the Rigid SpeedConnection Challenge, visit