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AISC Announces Details for SteelDay 2022

Chicago – The American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) announced that SteelDay, the annual celebration of the domestic fabricated structural steel industry, will take place on Oct. 21, with events planned across the country throughout the week of Oct. 17.

AISC vice president, Carly Hurd, said, “This year’s SteelDay will be one for the books; that’s why our tagline is ‘Can’t stop. Won’t stop.’ It’s our honor to represent this industry every day of the year, but SteelDay is a special day to recognize everyone who designs and builds with structural steel. We’re thrilled to continue the program in 2022.”

During the week, many fabrication shops will open their doors for tours to give the AEC industry a firsthand look at what happens between the mill and the jobsite. AISC’s own experts will provide the latest economic data that firms need to navigate an uncertain economic climate.

In addition, nine Ironworker Management Progressive Action Cooperative Trust (IMPACT) training centers nationwide will give those who aren’t in the trade the chance to try their hand at welding, rigging a beam, and other things skilled ironworkers do every day to bring steel buildings and bridges to life.

AISC’s Flash Conference will also be taking place from Oct. 18-20. Participants can earn up to 10 PDHs during the virtual event.

Additionally, this year’s free SteelDay webinar features AISC’s new vice president of engineering and research, Chris Raebel. He’ll take a look at several projects where design firms engaged with researchers to get confirmation that their innovative idea would be successful.

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